What to do with your child when you work from home

What to do with your child when you work from home: 10 ideas for parents

Ideas to keep your children busy while working from home

What to do with your child when you work from home: 10 ideas for parents - And if you now also have to work from home, then you should think in advance what you will do with your child so that he does not distract you from business and has a good summer. We've put together some activity ideas for kids that will allow you to work in silence.

Tape Crafts

Buy a set of decorative scrapbooking tape. Sets with ribbons of different colors and beautiful patterns are on sale. It will be interesting for the child to glue it both simply on paper and on different surfaces. But tearing off this tape is easier than ordinary stickers or tape.

Cut the ribbon into short strips ahead of time if your child isn't very good with scissors yet. From these strips, he can make a garland: he just needs to roll and glue the strip to make a ring, then thread the next strip into this ring and so on. Can he make the longest garland in the world?

Labyrinth for cars

Adhesive tape (it is not necessary to take a decorative one, a masking one is also suitable) will make ordinary games with cars more interesting. Paste a duct tape maze on the floor or table for your child to roll their cars around.

Cutting plasticine and food

Perhaps your toddler is already ready to use a knife. But so far only with a disposable or plasticine cutting knife. Give your child such a knife, plasticine and soft foods (such as bananas and cheese). Suggest that he just learn how to cut pieces of plasticine in different sizes, or ask him to cook dinner for himself and you by cutting food.


If you have no time to read books to your child during the day, he can listen to fairy tales himself. For example, on these free resources. Of course, reading with your parents is no substitute, so be sure to read together before bed.

cleaning toys

Come up with interesting and useful activities for children at the same time. Encourage your child to wash their own toys. Place a bowl of water, soap, and a towel on the table in front of him. Choose toys that dry quickly, like cars or bath toys.

Find and draw objects

Ask your child to find all the things of certain shapes or colors and be sure to draw them. Explain that this is a very important task that only a child can do for you. It's much more fun than just drawing animals at the table!

Office work

Children love to imitate adults. And if you are busy with work, then let the child pretend that he is also working. Sit him at a separate table or give him a corner on your desk, put a stack of papers, envelopes, notepads, stickers and other stationery, a calculator and a computer keyboard on it (it's so fun to hit the buttons).

Games with a box

You can stock up on a whole box of toys for the whole day, or just give your child the cardboard box itself. It easily transforms into a castle, a ship, a rocket and other toys. You don't need to decorate the box to turn it into a ship: the child only needs to turn on his imagination.


Have your child sort the different items. For example, put socks in pairs, arrange toys by color and size, arrange coins and buttons in jars (this option is only suitable if you are sure that the child will not try to swallow small objects).

Jewelry for the whole family

And one more entertainment for children who do not like to chew and swallow inedible objects. Give your child some string, beads and seed beads and ask them to make necklaces and bracelets for all family members. It will be interesting for a child to choose combinations of beads, besides, working with them is useful for fine motor skills. True, you will have to wear a new piece of jewelry for some time to please the child.


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